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Sunday, December 17, 2017 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES
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How a telco used prepaid to laugh all the way to the bank

THE idea of a phone company stepping into the breach to serve the unbanked might have been hard to imagine a generation ago. But it turns out that decades of selling prepaid products has suited them for the task, making them more ready than banks to charge into the less-creditworthy segments of the market.

Can Uber help solve Manila’s traffic? (or Why Uber wants you to stop driving)

LAURENCE L. CUA wants you to stop driving. Instead of taking your car to work and competing with two-and-a-half million other vehicles for road space in Metro Manila, you need only bring your smartphone and tap an app to get a ride.

Going up against pharmaceutical Goliaths

IT WAS IN 2000 when patients of some Philippine General Hospital doctors trooped to the Quezon City office of Benjamin I. Liuson -- up until then a wholesaler of generic medicines -- that the idea for going retail cropped up.


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