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Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Yields decline on US data

Yields decline on US data
YIELDS on government securities (GS) dropped last week following the United States Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike and amid weaker reports on inflation and retail sales out of the world’s largest economy. -- Lourdes O. Pilar, Researcher

The art of ‘sandbox’ central banking (Q&A with BSP Gov. Amando M. Tetangco, Jr.)

IN THE last 12 years, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has cemented its position among the world’s best central monetary authorities, in turn helping establish the country as one of the most promising emerging market economies. Under the leadership of Mr. Tetangco, the BSP was credited for minimizing the impact on local banks of the Global Financial Crisis. In its aftermath, Mr. Tetangco’s BSP put in place reforms to insulate the banking system from future crises, and to make it more responsive to a shifting environment marked by disruptive innovation and evolving consumer demands...


How a telco used prepaid to laugh all the way to the bank

THE idea of a phone company stepping into the breach to serve the unbanked might have been hard to imagine a generation ago. But it turns out that decades of selling prepaid products has suited them for the task, making them more ready than banks to charge into the less-creditworthy segments of the market.

Can Uber help solve Manila’s traffic? (or Why Uber wants you to stop driving)

LAURENCE L. CUA wants you to stop driving. Instead of taking your car to work and competing with two-and-a-half million other vehicles for road space in Metro Manila, you need only bring your smartphone and tap an app to get a ride.

Going up against pharmaceutical Goliaths


1st Quarter Banking Report (2017)

1st Quarter Banking Report (2017)
Stability defines legacy of Tetangco-era banking system

1st Quarter Banking Report (2017)
How rural lenders failed to hitch a ride on BSP growth train

key indicators
GDP Growth Rate 6.4%
(1st Qtr 2017)
Fiscal Surplus / (Deficit) P52.797 billion
(as of April 2017)
Inflation 3.1%
(as of May 2017)
91-day Treasury Bill Rate 2.103
(as of June 5, 2017)
Unemployment Rate 5.7%
(as of April 2017)
Exports Growth Rate 12.1%
(as of April 2017)
Imports Growth Rate -0.1%
(as of April 2017)
Cash Remittances US$9.036 billion
(January-April 2017)
Gross International Reserves US$82.015 billion
(as of April 2017 (r))
Balance of Payments Deficit of US$214 million
(as of December 2016)
BSP Overnight Lending Rate 3.50%
(as of June 16, 2017)
BSP Reverse Repurchase Rate 3.00%
(as of June 16, 2017)

FDI pledges drop in first quarter

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) commitments dropped in the first three months from a year ago, marking their third straight quarter of contraction.

May data show price hikes manageable

INFLATION eased in May due to slower price adjustments in both food and non-food commodities, the government reported yesterday.

PHL banks going from ‘strength to strength’



MARAWI CITY, considered the heartland of the Islamic faith in the Philippines' southern island of Mindanao, provides fertile ground for ISIS militants. The city is the provincial capital of Lanao del Sur, part of Central Mindanao, which for decades has been home to a Muslim rebellion. The Mindanao State University is a hotbed of activism. BusinessWorld Research collated economic data, comparing Marawi not only with Manila, but also with Davao to show the disparity even within Mindanao.

Death care adapts to call of the times

FROM HOTEL-LIKE amenities to high-rise columbaria and online viewing of the dead -- the funeral industry has gone through some changes in the last several years.

There’s life in the dying profession

Yield Tracker

Yields decline on US data